The Schwank File
2002-02-12 21:32:50 (UTC)

The Wonders of an Exam Week

Bleh. I should be studying for my bio and calc exams, both
of which will delight me with their presence on Thursday,
but I need a break, yo. And, Myrtle, back up off my ghetto
talk :p Heh. Yeah, so anyway, not a whole lot is goin down
over here. Lots o' work, lots o' sleep deprivation. I did
laundry today--yea for me. Tis very windy and my window is
having a hissy fit about it. I need a nap. I do realize
that this is not coherent, but you'll get over it. I chased
a dog around the Pang today.

Tomorrow begins that fabulous season of Lent. I enjoy Lent.
For one thing, I will no longer have to feel completely
insane when I have those panic attacks of "I'm eating meat
on a Friday and it's Lent," because it actually will be
Lent. I also enjoy ashes. Remember last year when Sara
said "the distribution of asses" over the announcements?
Heehee. Ah, memories. I also like having a motivation to
do something good during Lent. I mean, abstaining from meat
on Fridays is scarcely a sacrifice, and people who whine
about it should be offered the option of crucifixion
instead. Nothing we do during Lent can compare to that
ultimate sacrifice, but even the smallest of sincere efforts
to do something good, not even necessarily give something
up, is a step in the Christian direction.

Yeah, so I should go study now. Yes, indeeders. And here I

In homeostasis,
Bethers (heehee--I'm sure Betta is the only other one who
will find that mildly entertaining.)