listen to my silences
2002-02-12 21:09:08 (UTC)

in love

yes, i am

no it's not too soon to know
you can't put a time on knowing
i haven't rushed into this
believe me i have analyzed it to every extent
i just...i know

love is this feeling that i have
the one that says i'm scared to death
but it also says it's real
it's the look in his eyes
the subtle touches
the glances in which i can see myself
and how much he cares for me
i love how he just wants to be around me
and how much i love just being with him
he's everything i have ever wanted
serious and deep, but spontaneous and fun
all at once
he listens to everything
i can talk to him about anything or nothing
and he understands
he wants to understand
his faith is so strong
it brings me strength
he is so amazing
so perfect

perfection doesn't mean without faults. it doesn't mean
without mistakes. we'd be stupid to believe that. but it
means that through everything, no matter what, this will
last. this will go somewhere. this will strengthen us
both. i don't know if we'll last forever. i hope we do.
i pray we do.

i am in love
i love you jon

final thought: i was meant for you, you were meant for me,
in this lonely world, we were meant to be in love

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