Forgotten Misery
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2002-02-12 20:21:05 (UTC)

hey feed back is always good if I type to u in my journal

Hint Hint Geoff! um well nothing real exciting happened
today was late to school like i always am cause i refuse to
get out of bed to make my self cute tis no reason! lol!
And marky I cant just go pick me a guy out its more
complicated than that geez! Bad news the hott guy the
college one has a cute g/f so much for that babe! I have a
lil crush on this sopmore named nick only thing hes only 15
lol going on 16 in june hm and i will be um 17 lol he
should be a fresh but hes reallyy cute only thing i dont go
after him cuase well hes real immature but damn hott! Damn
hotties u cant date! Gr i cant date jason and hes a fine
mo fo but he lives in indiana hm might go up to a cabin
with him and corey and jamie if at all possible for thier
spring break not sure yet....then of course there is the
other nick who is jills b/f hes fine to and a sweetie big
firlt but not someone u take farther than just a friend.
Then theres good ole geoff how could i exclude him lol my
cute short lil geffers who once again me no date cause well make a
long story short i dont feel like being used. but hell he cant use
me cause im here hes there ha what do u know::im in a sacastic mood::

anyways maggie what did dad say will he do it please say
yes and i will be so happy!

ok gota nap then study study study o and did i mention study


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