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2002-02-12 19:30:27 (UTC)

what to do......

I have this annoying thought in my head that I can't get rid
of and that is this guy that I am, was seeing. He was my
match, but now after Saturday I don't think he is going tobe
around anymore. Some fucken person is cursing my fucken
happiness and it is starting to piss me off. I must at least
five guys that would love to date me or fuck me but I can't
be with them they all make me very ill to my stomach. You
know I fucken hate all my friends they are all jealous of me
for some weird and strange reason. I just want to be left
alone don't try to listen to me and analyze my thoughts,
don't try to sneak into my life and be my friend cause I
really have had it....., it comes to a point where contuine
stand up for them but if was to fall not one mother fucken
hand would be there to catch me. I am trying to loose weight
it isn't happening because they have cursed me with no
weight loose. Now that I am on these fat burners everyone
else wants to be on it. If I start a new project it fails
for the simple reason of me opening my mouth and telling one
person the fuckn world will know. I hate this. To all my
jealous and cruel "friend" stay the fuck away from me
because I have no fucken time for your shitty problems to be
my shitty problems.

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