The lost little girl
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2002-02-12 19:01:35 (UTC)

breaking out of my shell!

i'm trying my hardest to not cry while i type this. i mean
it was hard enough to go through it...let alone retelling
the story...

i never thought i could do it...everyone was telling me to
for like months now. i couldn't believe i was even saying it
when it was happening.so yeah, i told him i need space. Of
course i didn't really know what i was talking about, it
made no real sense. I told him i needed to see if i could
grow without him ( wtf did that mean? you got me)and if i
could go on w/o holding his hand ( where the hell did i get
that from?) and that it would be for a while ( ok..i just
lost it..i'm saying goodbye to my best friend..go me!!) He
said he understood that i needed space. but the prob is it
was over the internet so i don't really know what was going
through his mind at that moment. i feel so terrible.
ok, between that paragraph ending and this beginning i just
sat and dazed out my window for 27 mins...ah
shit!...listening to linkin park right now, ( thanks to my
bday cd from wendy), and i keep looking away from the screen
and totally forgetting what i'm doing...( btw..listening to
"my December" by Linkin Park)....if you know me you know
that this happens ALL THE TIME when I'm talking...i did it a
lot talking to Laura last night on the phone telling her
stories and watching " who's line is it anyways"..not an
easy thing..ask her!
i have to jet..lots of stuff to do!!

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