Procrastination is Key
2002-02-12 18:08:13 (UTC)

while i can

gotta get a quick entry in as I am eating lunch- i've been
really busy lately with school:-/ and michael:-p
Last night we went to see Lewis Black- who is on the Daily
Show once a week- he was funny, had a really good time:)
This past weekend was great.. got to play golf for the
first time in 6 months, amazingly enough I wasn't as bad as
I thought I would be, except for the whole putting thing-
we are gonna work on all that though;-) Also, b/c lab is
evil and ruins everything, we had our major vday
celebration Saturday night.. great time of course. Its not
true that vday is going to be ruined though really, b/c I
still get a quick visit!

**** Mood when not thinking about school- VERY HAPPY :-D