Sleeping with the lights on
2002-02-12 18:02:08 (UTC)

you're such a dirty, dirty..

I stayed home from school today, because I'm sick. I
suppose that I am sick, I don't know..I don't really feel
that sick. I think I stayed home because my back hurts so
bad. I can't do anything about it, I tried to crack it but
it won't crack! meh!
I feel really twisted and unusual today. I have a million
things on my mind, yet the only way I can talk about them
is by writing. Not on here, though..paper and pencil. That
way, nobody in the WORLD knows why I am like I am..and it's
too painful to talk about.
Anti-Christ Superstar is the best CD by Marilyn Manson,
other than Portrait of an American Family. Anyone who has
not had a chance to listen to these two great CD's..I
highly recomend it! :) hehehh

you are the one I want, and what I want is so unreal..

I don't think anything about Jeff is worrying me, so that's
awesome because he is by far the most awesome guy..and
that's just cool. haha.

My family, however, will contribute to my insanity. I don't
understand them, and they all change constantly. It is hard
to love a family that changes once you have grown
accostumed to their ways.

Oh no, it is..everything they said it was..
Oh no! I am everything they said I was!! haha

Like I said..this is by far my favorite Marilyn Manson
album!! :)