Peeking into the Fraggle Rockers Mind
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2002-02-12 17:41:23 (UTC)

Let's start writing!!

Hi Everyone! *big smile* I saw this website, thought it
would be a nice idea for some of my friends to read since I
dont see them everyday, and they might go..."Hmmm what
trouble did Lauren cause today??" Ok, so I am one of the
eccentric people, lots say I am funny, usually due to my
facial expressions. I am always making faces, not a rule
that says I cant!! I made the diary public since I figured
there would be some cool people on here. You can always
email me, I will chat with you. Well Homework awaits...

Kick it out,

oh btw, I am 20, female, junior in college, Dj girl rocking
the airwaves and causing havoc where she goes :)

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