2002-02-12 17:09:46 (UTC)

What I want (Brief version)

I've been thinking a lot about what I want to do after
college. So far, here's what I want... (these are subject
to change at anytime depending on turn of events and/or my
experience in my field when I get there).

-I want to start out working for a small company. One that
has a fun (or at least relaxed) atmosphere. I wish to be
paid well, and willingness to send me part time to school
to earn a bachelors would defenately be a plus. I would
also like to have co-workers and superiors that are willing
to teach me all about their company so that I may more
fully understand them and asess how I can become an asset
to that company.

-After earning a bachelors (either through the company or
on my own), I wish to start my own business and freelance
for various companies. My education would be continuing,
seeing as how it has to if you want to remain competitive
in the computer industry, and I want to keep open the
option of earning a masters.

-Somewhere between my last 2 goals, I want some time to get
married and have kids. This is where a lot of my career
goals are going to have to be altered, I can already tell.
I want my own business before kids, but my boyfriend is not
getting any younger so that may be a factor as to when we
have them. He doesn't want to be an "old dad", but he may
be since he would be starting later than most people do
when they start having kids.

So anyway, there you have it... The rest of my life up
until retirement in black and white. But now that I think
about it...

-After retirement, I want to move to some exotic, secluded
place with my honey. Somewhere that nobody but our kids
and grandkids can find us. We'll live as hermits the rest
of our lives with no human interactions outside of the
kids/grandkids. We'll fall asleep on our hammocks and have
comic books (our hobby) air mailed to us every week. We
will bask in the glow of our computers as my hair turns
gray and his hair turns loose. Then when I pass, I want to
be cremated and have my ashes mixed with Travis' so we can
truely be one.

All this is my dream for myself.

Pure Bliss....

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