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2002-02-12 14:45:39 (UTC)

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So yesterday the heel broke off of my only pair of black
pumps that I'm required to wear to school monday -
thursday. And one of my fuzzy dice fell off of the little
string. I need new stuff.

I bought a nice pair of new pumps and got a new pair of
totaly kick ass tennis-shoes. (Which that term is kinda
funny as it really wouldn't apply to what could be done in
these shoes. Sneakers? Nah, couldn't do much sneaking in
them either.)

Anyway, they're blue and the heel is higher than the
front. They have these big blue bubbles in the heels.
They're awesome!

I know what I'm gonna get Travis for valentines day... But
I won't say just yet as he occasionally reads this...
Ack! Bell!