2002-02-12 14:36:51 (UTC)

What The Hell?

Let me ask you all a question and you tell me if it is
just me. Okay say you have an ex boyfriend, that you are
still in love with and he goes to school at MSU. And you
also have 4 friends who go there. And one of them is
throwing a Valentine's day party, semi-formal. Let's just
say your friends roomate and friend, who you also know.
Invite your ex to go. . and he wants to go and thinks he
might. Do I have a right to be mad or upset or hurt and not
want him to go? I mean 4 of my good friends and their
boyfriends might go. I am not attending however. . is this
odd? Is it odd that after I talked to him I went to bed
crying? What is wrong with me?

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