DayDream Believer
2002-02-12 10:50:34 (UTC)

Im a bitch

Weel, lest see whats new.
Hmm, not much I guess, I was invited to Ed`s party on Friday
but couldt come cause I had to work this weekend and my
mother wouldnt let me go out then.
I`m going out this weekend so I`ll survive, But I would had
more fun there instead of the sircus we had home that night.
Karoline... need I say more?
What are little sisters for anyway?
Well, I felt sorry for her then.

And no I stil havent talked to my dear S*, but Im gonna
do it real soon, promisse!!
I just want it go go some time first, so he thinks that Im
thinking afther our last conversation. (who I stil dont know
what was about, anyone?)

Mo is singel agen, he`s coming home on Satturday and invited
me out on Satturday. Not at a date (I think) so its gonna be
fun. He said thet he was goming home for easter to, and that
he would probobly be having a big party then:-)

And then we have my ex, Dante, no, nothing new there eather.
Cessy keeps contact with him and tells me everything. Whats
wrong with that boy, if he want me why doesent he come to me
then, instead he go to my friends. Well, I dont care, Im so
glad we`re over!!

This weekend I brought some now cd`s , Jewel, she`s good.
I diddnt knew much about her before, but now when I got her
music I think she`s great!

I have one problem about next weekend though, I was supose
to go out with a friend and go to the club and when it
closed go to my job, see the boy`s and work with my home
page. But yestarday Ms Lindsay called and asked if I could
baby sist then, and I said yes...
Well, I might make it still.

Samuel is doing great, hes the best!!!
My dear friend Kelly dont have much time for me, thats a bit
I know she is bussy all the time and that she also want to
see me, but stil it hurt a bit.
Matt is going back on sea now, I diddt have the time to see
him this time, to bad (or not:-)

I dont have so much of my winter depresson now, Ive also
started to get some collor on my skin. Yestarday a girl at
gym class comment it, that made me feel good.