lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-02-12 07:14:07 (UTC)

dee dah to this

ok so i need to stop complaining, just in general. i'm
such a poo when i have everything i need, want, etc...i
need to be dee dah-ish, but it's hecka hard.

but one really cool thing is how i got a direct answer to
prayer. i'd been so stressed over the caleb thing and i
was starting to think "ok i should send in my app cuz i
have no answer so that must mean i should do it" when paul
told us that guatemala was for sure. this blew me away
because i had basically prayed for God to show me where
i'll be able to serve him the best this summer, and he gave
me an answer that i can really taste. mmm hmm. plus now
i'll be doing two missions trips (mexico & guatemala, Lord
willing) which is way better than caleb this year. maybe
later. we'll see. but i'm so glad that this whole
psychosis is resolved now. yay!! now i just have to pray
i can get myself to guatemala...