My Random Thoughts....
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2002-02-12 05:59:36 (UTC)


Just as I thought I was getting better...I fall back into my
slump. I am just so sad and so lonely I can't bear it.
Sometimes I wish I could be back in the way things were...
Even though they weren't the most healthy times
emotionally.. They were consistant and I knew someone was
there. I just feel like I have no one to depend on.. I feel
like even though I have so many people around me... there is
no one I can count on to be there for me.. To always listen
to my problems..and to give me hugs. Thats what I miss the
most. Hugs. I miss just having someone come up and hug me.
god... I'm a mess. It's pathetic. When I thought I was
falling in love.. I was falling into a hole.. and I haven't
been able to climb out of it. It keeps getting deeper and
deeper. lonely sucks. I just need to cry but my roomate is
always here. I can't cry in front of her. So for now.. I
will cry on the inside.

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