Do I get my lap dance now?
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2002-02-12 05:21:09 (UTC)

Can't be bothered by the phone.

This song is so sad. Bleah, moving away really does suck
ass. I've decided to tell everyone that I've already been
to Texas, went broke and came back. That's not total
bullshit. I did go to Texas in July, but it just wasn't
the extravagant roadtrip I'd planned. Anyway, that's the

So in unrelated news (which I would have gushed about last
night had been working up to par :^( ), cute
little adorable Benji quit Fake I.D. Gaah! So much for
seeing them live. The band didn't break up, though;
they've already got a replacement. I was at the webpage
reading his 'farewell address,' and at the bottom of the
letter he wrote is a PS and it says "Thanks for the Chia
Pet and the Kraft macaroni & cheese, WA."

THUNK!!! Oh my gosh, that was MY BIRTHDAY GIFT TO
BENJI!!!! Can you fucking believe it?! It's almost like a
cute little inside joke between the two of us. I was
thinking today about all the FID fans who read that line
and thought cluelessly about it. Hahahaha. Benji and I
know and you don't. Hahahahahaa. I was grinning all
night. It was so sweet. Here's his entire letter, if
anyone wants to get as excited as I did (READ IT!!!):

February 10th, 2002.
Hello Everyone,

I'm sure many of you are wondering how and why all this has
happened. I should start by saying that I thank anyone and
everyone who has ever supported me and the guys in Fake ID,
and the band members themselves for all the good times we
had. This break is completely amiable - Nick, John, Sean,
and Brent will always be my friends. But something told me
it wasn't in the cards for us to be bandmates forever. I am
leaving Fake ID, and will be persuing other musical
endeavors and forms of expression. I wish them the best of
luck. This is by no means a "goodbye". Hopefully I'll see
you all soon from another stage, in another stage of my
life. As I told them, I could fill a book with the lessons
I have gained from this experience. Thanks again,


PS - Thanks for the Chia Pet and the Kraft macaroni &
cheese, WA.

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