Thoughts to Share
2002-02-12 05:08:12 (UTC)


Wow. I know why I'm here. I know what I have to do..as
far as my mindset goes.
I know that I am here to meet the ppl I have met. To
experience many things, and to grow in my faith.
As far as the future goes..I don't know what I'm doing. I
really have not the slightest idea. I'm scared and I'll be
the first to admit it. I'm scared of my lab practical
tomorrow morning. I'm scared of my organic test on
Wednesday, of this summer, of next year.
But I was talking to my brother tonight. Actually, I stuck
my foot in my mouth, but I was trying to encourage him and
convince him that he's an awesome guy. Told him there was
somebody out there meant for him, he just had to find her.
I made a comment about my life and he came back at me with
a statement about faith. Told me to read Hebrews 11:1. I
was so happy b/c I've been excited that he's playing in a
praise band for several months now. I really want him to
do CCC, but I'll settle for a praise band. :-)
The verse that he told me to look at....my bookmark was in
it.... Ok, like I have stuff stuck in places, but the
cloth marker that is attached to my Bible cover...it was
already there. I was supposed to look at that page.
"Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the
conviction of things not seen."
Maybe I just need to have faith. In all things I need to
have faith.
Lil' tear, lil' tear. But a happy tear, a tear of relief.