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2002-02-12 05:07:22 (UTC)


Why is it that someone says they will call at 11:30 but
then it gets around to 12:00 and no call?? Is it because
this person forgot and if that is the reason what exactly
does that mean? DOes it mean they forgot about you in
general, does that mean they don't care like they said they
do? Don't you think they realize that you have been
waiting to talk to them all day. . . .A lot of the time I
am sad but most of my friends can cheer me up for a minute
or a second or a hour. . .Thanks guys, you are the best!

Ashley Rocks! We all rocked the BP with the BF's tonight
thanks for coming over here Rachey, You Rock the Boat!
Italy is going to rock and maybe we'll go in a boat. I
forgot to tell you about the pictures I looked at from my
aunt's trip there. I was going to bring them with but i
forgot. Let me tell you though we are in for a treat! Ya
know Italy is not very big, strange I never realized that

What did I write last about my weekend?? I doubt it I
don't want to talk about it much. I'll just say I had an
awesome time most of Saturday and that's about it!