2002-02-12 05:01:10 (UTC)

-god would be a dyke-

today was such a great day.
i laughed. i laughed SO much. for no reason and i didnt
and it was so good to laugh again and to be happy and not
need reasons for these things.
valentines day is soon and i hope that its good. they
always seem to be bad but i hope that this one is better.

i bought turtle food today.
hes doing well. hes so cute.
i love him.

jennifer is doing so well. and that makes me so happy. it
was really really really good to see her today and spend
time with her. we talked a lot. and it was good. she brings
out the little kid in me. and its great.

it was good to see robin too. and to see her happy. shes
such a sweet girl.

shawn was looking really cute tonight. hes a great boy. so
nice. and so thoughtful. he makes me happy. hes my everyday
friend and hes great at it.

i didnt see jessie today. i was supposed to. i dont know
what happened to her. but shes sick. and thats probably it.

brittany was being a little standoffish tonight. or maybe a
lot. shes so weird sometimes. but...arent we all. i dont
know. she made me feel funny.

ron was so sweet tonight. he always is. hes a great person.
and hes so cute. i really like his hair the way it is now.

i played spoons a lot tonight and it was crazy amounts of

i played pool and air hockey.

i love air hockey. its by far my favorite game.
too bad the pucks ive been playing with recently have
sucked. whats up with that.

jennifer showed everyone this retarded looking picture of
me from eighth grade. i dont know why out of all the
pictures she has of me she insists on keeping THAT ONE in
her wallet. but thats what old friends are good for...or
bad for. lol. whichever way you choose to think about it.

she remembers so much its really surprising. and she always
seems to remember the things that make me look bad. lol. or
at least thats what she bring up the majority of the time
=) so what if i cheated at candy land man. or monopoly.

im missing emily a whole lot right now. i have all tonight.
she made me so happy today. and tonight. i wish that she
was here right now. i want to kiss her and tell her that i
love her.

im going to go attempt to do what i never did this
afternoon like i was supposed to. i hope it turns out okay.

i love you. i love you all.

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