2001-04-27 06:30:05 (UTC)

my 18th birthday

Damn. its my 18th Birthday in a matter of 33 minutes,
technically. I am not going to even do anything for my
birthday just go out with my family. that seems super lame
and i dont even think my parents got me anything cuz i
didnt tell them what i wanted and theyve been asking. DUR
what the hell am i thinking. i know all i am going to do is
eat out and go to glow bowl. woo hoo. on my 18th. man since
this year is going to be lameO i need to for sure go all
out for graduation or something. damn this is weak. i think
i want to sky dive to get some kicks. when i graduate for
sure. yadda ya. i am blabbering but this bites. i hope i do
something. and to top this birthday off i have to go to
school and my boyfriend has to work so what fun right? UH!
this sucks really bad.