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2002-02-12 01:37:10 (UTC)

Monday before Carnival - iddle days

Monday night and nothing special was done since Sunday.
Well at least I played with a special people. He has not
sorrow lies or guilt. And understand the simple things
we do. But he will past all the life as same. With memories
but still as kid.
Other kinds of things was not special. The pets of streets
made me company. I played a freesbie too with other peoples
of my home town earlier.
I may be ready for my friends when they would come back
from beaches. I need to do good things to be so good as
some people had gone to beaches or another place. I will
rest because most enemies are not operating so well. They
are apart in many places. They could not make many damage
without being all here around.
I will make my day tomorrow. Hot days in paradise and
orange sunsets. Happy days is here I need to see it.
I make more than they tried to make to me for this one
past year.
Thanks Mel. Thank you so much Carol. Granted for Mimi.