Venting Victim
2000-10-15 00:28:20 (UTC)

10/14/00 Today is my first..


Today is my first entry! YAY! This diary will primarily be my source
for venting all of my various frustrations at everybody and
everything. I am a big 'ol baby when it comes to whining and
complaining. (I AM the queen!!!) Well, I'm 22 with a husband and a 15
month old baby boy. Not the life most 22 year olds are dying for at
this time of life but I try to make the most of it. Today I don't
have much to complain about- it's been pretty boring. I washed my
car, I played outside with the baby, and played on the computer
(which, by the way, is how I found this neat little site!).
Right now though the husband is not at home and not driving me
crazy!!! He wants my constant attention all the time and i have
enough stress from work, caring for the baby, and worrying about money
(or our lack of, should I say). This diary is being maintained at my
mom's house because of course being poor as I am at the moment i
can't afford one. I hate my job. i am paid 7.50 an hour to be crapped
on all day. I work as a receptionist in a clinic. But, I don't just
answer phones, I am responsible for patient charges, filing,
deposits, customer service, and being nice when everyone is being so
mean and yelling at me because they have to wait to see a docter. (
it's a walk-in clinic- duh, you should know you're not going to be
the only patient there! They are all so stupid, too! Anyway time to
feed the baby, this has been most enjoyable and I think I'll do it
again. Bye for now!!!