Reality Bites
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2002-02-12 03:40:38 (UTC)

Time of your life

Everyone's paired....there's like 25 new couples at school
and its disgusting...On Sunday all my paired friends are
getting together and they invited me, but it's like why
would I want to go with all of you? It's not like it's just
like 2 couples and me, it's like ALL my friends and they're depressing.

The dance is on Sat. and I'm not going cause why would I
want to throw myself into a situation where I'd start to
like Jesse again..all he'd do is dance with me and lead me
on and that can't be good for me getting over him. Today he
was totally flirting and stuff but in a different
way...more agressively and like bitterly, I dont know but
it was funny. I was being kinda sarcastic which is a way
I've never been with him. It's more me tho then I've been
in awhile around him. I dont like him, I can honestly say

On Friday Alyssa and some of our girls that don't go to our
school and I are going ot the movies and then sleeping over
somewhere, then Sat. I'm going to a concert w/ Carli and
her friends and then Sunday I dont know since like all my
friends will be w/ there bf's I just don't know...Monday I
think I'll go shopping with my sisters friends. I'm gonna
write to my sisters friend John who I've been like in love
with since 5th grade who's living in Paris right now and
has been for 2 years and ask him to be my Valentine. lol.
He'll surely accept. He's so hot and sweet, but 8 yrs.
older than me and thinks of me as a little sister.. God
damn! He hasn't seen me in 2 years and I've changed so much
since he last saw me that I cant wait til he moves home in
March...It'll be loads. He says that someday when I'm 24
and he's 32 we'll get married, lol we said we'll have our
reception @ McDonnalds...NASTINESS!! He's great.

I'm hella tired so I'm going to sleep. This entry for some
reason has depressed me a little...Lator Gator~Me~

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