2002-02-12 03:15:21 (UTC)


John is going to work tonight but he doesn't know if he'll
be sent home or, if he does stay, what he will do in the
dark and cold. The mill still doesn't have power and
there's no news about when it will. Until it does there
isn't a great deal anyone can do. Once it's back on there
will be plenty of work as they try to dig out all the dried
pulp out of the machinery. If it gets cold enough so that
everything freezes it will make things worse. But nothing
can be done until they get the power back.

Friday Owen will be coming home to get his haircut. John
says if it's not pouring rain he wants to work on cleaning
up the downed trees at the country house on the weekend. It
won't matter if it's cold as he'll get a fire going to burn
the brush.

They forgot to put the heat on at the high school; the boys
told me that it was cold until the middle of the morning.
Some of the kids still don't have power at home. One lost
over 250 trees on their property.