daydream disbeliever

Mad Ramblings From a Blithering Idiot
2002-02-12 02:48:12 (UTC)

Persistence of Nothing

Well, as my title suggests, I've had no relapses into
Brianland. Although something weird did happen last
night. I had a dream that I was besieged with weird
longing to contact everyone with whom I'd lost touch over
the years. Inevitably, he came up. Despite my friends'
warnings (odd-I heard their voices, as if they were in the
same "room" as I was, but I never saw them) and my own
inner voices demanding that I do the opposite, I called him
on an old-fashioned big white plastic telephone. After
ringing a few times and my stomach churning with dream-
nervousness, someone answered. It wasn't him, but it was
another guy's voice-a voice that was familiar. There was
loud music and partyish noises in the background. In
response to my weak query of "Uhmm, is Brian there?" he
replied, "Hehe, no he's not." Then he hung up. I began to
cry in my dream and asked my friends if I should call him
back. I went to pick up the phone again and my friends
wailed "No!" and I felt the receiver jerked from my grasp.
Then somebody said, "Well, he'll know you called because
your name would've been on his caller ID." To this Dream
Me panicked. For some reason I just freaked out. I was
wailing and sobbing hysterically. I remember hearing my
Dream Voice babbling almost incoherently "He thinks I'm a

Then I woke up and had to pee. And when I woke up
this morning I had no thoughts at all of anything but
humorous musings of my nightly mental picture show. I
swear, my dreams are like a Dali painting. They just get
odder as I grow older.