The JoZ

Opinions of the Once-Arrogant Asshole
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2002-02-12 02:38:57 (UTC)

Isn't it Obvious?

"What's obvious?" you may be asking yourself now. It's
painfully obvious that all that we know, all that we love,
all that we take for granted is bunk. For until we know the
true self within, we are as a false as a forged check. We
must truely know what we really think, not what others want
us to think, not what we are told is correct, but what we,
our own self, our own mind, really feels as such. If we
hide behind the facade of jumping on a bandwagon, and
hiding behind the faceless mask of unreal emotion and
relentless lies

This is the truth of the world, and for us to know what
lies behind its door....we must find the key to self-

"The JoZ"

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