a little piece of me
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2002-02-12 02:38:50 (UTC)

more perdy flowers

i was reading my damned homework assignment for tonights'
night class, when all of a sudden, 'ding dong!' i thought,
who the hell'd be coming to see me at 3 in the afternoon.
then i figured it was the landlord showing the house
again. so i stroll to the door, taking my sweet time. i
open it and hark! flower boy! i was shocked. i looked
puzzled, mumbled thanks, then ripped the card off and read
it. from my dad, but hey...like i said before, i'll take
em when i can get em hehe. they're so pretty! some red
roses, a purple orchid, pink carnations, yellow lilies, and
babies breath. the whole house smells like roses now. god
i love that. they're so pretty! i think i said that
already, but once more won't hurt. they're so pretty!
just for good measure :D

well, it seems as though i'm in a good mood, doesn't it?
that, my dear diary, is true. i haven't felt this good
about nothing in a long time. i don't know if the drugs
are finally kicking in, or if i've realized that there are
actually a few people out there that really do care about
me. for me. and not for what they can get out of me, or
for what i can do for them. prolly a little of both :)
i'm not complaining, though. ooooh nooo. not me.

i have a little anecdote from my class tonight. i thought
it rather funny/disgusting, so i'll share it. the teacher
was up front yapping away, as usual. out of the corner of
my eye, i see this massive thing shoot out and dart across
the floor, headed straight for the teacher. apparently he
saw it, too. he was eyeballing it, and it got a little
closer, then stopped. then closer. then stopped. closer,
then the teacher shot up and ran to the other side of the
room, trying to act nonchalant..hehe. it was this nasty
ass bug. i've never seen anything like it. it was about 2
inches long, lime green, and had a shitload of long skinny
legs. they looked like grasshopper legs, but there were
tons of them. it wasn't a caterpillar or a millipede or
centipede. i don't know what the hell it was. i was just
glad that it wasn't by me! then it ran to the middle of
the room, and everyone moves their desk back a little,
trying not to freak out. then, it started running back
towards me! i thought i was gonna puke!! i hate bugs with
a passion. nasty things. i didn't want it to come over by
me, cause i didn't want to kill it. thanks be to God, it
didn't. it stayed a safe distance away. hehehe, the
teacher let class out early, and i really think it was
because of the bug! how great is that?!? ok, that was my

alright, enough yammering for one night. hope everyone out
there in diary land is doing ok. have a happy lincoln's
birthday tomorrow! hehe, i know i will..no school!


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