my life (as told by me)
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2002-02-12 02:28:21 (UTC)

been lookin on the brighter side....

ok it's the 11th i believe. but anyways, i had part 1 of my
pre-licensing course today...almost done with that torture.
then i'm gettin my license. ok well after yesterday's
dreary entry...i spent a lot of time thinking. and
honestly, i really dont know whether or not i have a chance
with him. i mean sure we're friends and all. but who
knows...anything could happen. i totally believe there is a
reason for us meeting...a reason for him moving here, a
reason for brian having him im me, a reason for me seeing
him at that football game....a reason for him helping me
with certain people, a reason for him coming here for no
reason...just a reason for everything. so, who knows. maybe
we will end up dating. see? i can look on the bright side.
but there is one thing i'm not gonna do. and that's get my
hopes up too much. because if i do that, something bad is
going to happen. so for now, the relationship him and me
have is fine with me. we talk and hang out. i can deal with
that. and i actually wrote him this extremely long letter
telling him how i feel about him...but if it ever gets to
him, well, i'm not exactly sure about that one. i mean it
could happen, but i'm just afraid of his reaction to it.
but i guess that saying "you never know til you've tried"
applies here. i dont know what he's going to say. for all i
know he could be like whoa i didnt know she felt this way
and i'm glad she told me...or he could just laugh. either
way, i guess it's better that he knows. so maybe, just
maybe, i'll give him that letter. either that or just walk
up to him and tell him. that's probably harder....but if i
ever want anything to come of this, i have to do problem though....all of's
easier said than done......

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