Product of a Broken Home
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2002-02-12 01:53:19 (UTC)

-Grumble Grumble-

I can't even sleep in my house anymore! Thats not Fair!

all i wanted to do wa take a nice long nap, wake you at 11,
watch QAF and go back to sleep, thus forgeting about my day
and not dealing with anything until say, tomorrow, if even.

but no, my brother has to insist on using My phone, wjich i
moved into my room so i can hear it if it rings, cause i'm
waiting for a call. He rudely wakes me up, is a general
ass, and once again, gets his way in the end.

he always does, why should today be any different, but
really, can't one ting go right today? just one thing? i
can't even sleep off the bad day, i'm being forced to wake
up and annoy everyone else in the house by being bitchy.

somehow i see myself ending up in my room, writing a bunch
of stuff that i don't need, and once again doing something
drastic, like cutting my hand with a razor, my wrist with
safety pins, or taking a large portion of the pills i have
hidden in my room. chris is right, i hate it when he's
right..i do turn my life into a soap opera. i do things
that i know will cause drama, and then i react in a way
that'll further it.

that can't be healthy.

once again,
fuck it,