Silver web spun of a twisted imagination
2002-02-12 01:31:33 (UTC)

That so-called humanity

I hate people. Okay, not all people. Just most of them. I
don't know exactly what to pin down. The ignorance, the
prejudice (and I mean that strictly in the way the word is
meant to mean, from it's Latin roots, not in the limited
view society has of 'prejudice,'limiting the word to mean
only the pre-judgement of a person based on race or
gender), the overall sickness that is spreading like a
plague across the Earth. Melodramatic prose? I think so.
Oh, the humanity (delivered in monotone). Humanity is a
joke. Any humane-ness, as that concept is defined, was
lost by mankind not long after they raped the world,
forcing it to their image rather than working with her, and
they have only continued to degenerate since. The really
upsetting part is that there are a few rare specimens born
with the ability to recognize true nobility (I use nobility
instead of humanity in this instance because
true 'humanity' or like-human-ness is now a perversion of
the valor and celebration of life in all forms once held in
the hearts of what are now considered the more 'primitive'
societies of this now-wretched species)and a few of those
grow ro recognize and embrace that concept, living it their
ancestors did, as true human beings are meant to live it.
The others discard the notion, sadly, in an undying effort
to be one of the flock, abandoning individuality and honor
in so doing, to fit in. But these individuals who, though
faced with a misunderstanding society and a world that is
now a perversion of their truth, serve as a constant
reminder to themselves (themselves as in all of these
people) of what they have lost, how far their race has
fallen, and of what one day could possibly be regained, as
well as the daunting difficulty that would be involved in
achieving that, what with people having sunk this low into
antipathy and outright sadism. Well. I have preached quite
long enough on that subject. Bye.