a rop through my mind....
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2002-02-12 00:44:03 (UTC)

the start of something....

as the title above says, yeah, i guess this is the start of
something....not sure what, or how long it will last, but
it's something.

why did i start this, well, thanks to jeff and janie, i
decided that well, i might as well joint the club, it's
also a way of letting far away friends, who i dont' talk to
all that often, know what's up with me.....

first off, this semester is going well so far....two weeks
in and i'm not behind in any of my classes, which i think
may just be a record. feeling motivated this
semester...maybe i'll finally get my act together...feeling
like a real nerd now a days, i mean, i did my chem
homework durring the superbowl at the house (the house
refers to the rpi chapter of AXP...and yes, i spend far too
much time there)

as for monday....monday sucks, 8am classes are a bad idea,
the only saving grace of the day was that my english prof
was sick so i got to take a morning nap.....though i did
get to talk to my sage big sister today (nancy) she's good
and so is the little one :) (krystal), 7 months old

i think [fill in blank] said it best when s/he said [insert
quote of choice here].......yeah, ok, ummm, enough of this,
i'll leave you all to get on with your own lives :)


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