Drama Queen
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2002-02-12 00:05:15 (UTC)


Well I havent been around much lately and definatly
havent been writing, but that is just the way my life
normally is and it is good that it is back to normal. I
have had school, friends, family, and everything else in
the world driving me nuts and that is the way that I like
Sadly to say things arent ALL the way the I like them,
Goober is grounded for fighting in school and so we arent
spending any time together never the less talking or
getting emails do to the fact that he cant go online or
talk on the phone, but other then that things are back to
the way they always have been.
I have a show for chior and that was supose to be
keeping me on my toes but all it is doing is wasteing my
time, no one remembers anything more then a day and so we
are always going back and redoing things and all it is
doing is wasting time and driving me NUTS!!
As for the rest of the world... well I am going to be
taking my permit test soon and my mom is already allowing
me to drive a little so i am one step closer to driving
and that means one step closer to driving to gobber!
My mom has finally confronted me about Goober, she knows
that we are doating and although she says that it is not
something that I should be doing that i should confront my
dad, and i know he is the one that is going to be tough to
talk to, but i am going to and no matter what he says i am
going to stay with Goober.
Well time to go!!

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