The Eye Into My Soul
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2002-02-11 23:52:29 (UTC)

Yay for Matt...

Yesterday we (Matt, Dirty, Amber, and I) went to church
with my friend Matt. I am always a bit weary of going to
new churches as I went with a friend once and was very
frightened by the speaking in tounges, loud talking, and
uncontrolled shaking. I am a Southern Baptist and we are a
pretty calm bunch... no wild services for us. Anyway,
Matt's church was fun and the only thing that happened that
I am not used to was that everyone prayed at the same
time... out loud... it's a bit odd.

After church we went to Matt's house where his dad fixed us
grilled sub sandwiches... they were exceptionaly yummy!
Then we went outside and played with the goats (in the
rain)... there was one baby one and it was so tiny and
cute! The dogs were also played with. Well, one of them
was, the other is a bit shy. Atfter that we went and looked
for fossils in the rocks behind Matt's house and in the
dried up part of the pond. We found some and we found some
rocks to make rock trolls (I'll explain them some other
time). Arfter almost 2 hrs outside we went in and got dry
and played some cards. We just sat a nd talked for a
while... it was tons of fun and I had a fabulous time!

Yay for Matt!