Mandy Kay

Tales of Life as a Good Girl
2002-02-11 23:41:36 (UTC)

Computers: Evil Incaranate

Current mood: I hate technology
Current music: California Girls by the Beach Boys
For anyone that's wondering where I have been, let's just
say that my computer is evil. It is bad, awful and
terrible, and if I had a hammer right now, chances are I
would not be typing. Yes, that's right, I would be beating
the crap outta the computer instead. Like in office space
where they break the copier!! anyway.. The guy who was
supposed to fix our computer ended up erasing our ENTIRE
HARD DRIVE and then breaking this P.O.S. That was in
The Matt I talked about in the last entry moved. Can you
believe! I should have jumped on him when I had the chance. One day
he was just gone and I was like...oooh k thanks for the warning.
But guess WHAT. there's ANOTHER Matt, who is also a senior and
tall, except he's 6'4, which is way tall, and he's also smart, and
funny, and totally gorgeous~ and totally unaware of that. Here comes
the crazy, grammatically incorrect Matt spiel. i think he might like
me- check the reasoning. we were at this school function on
saturday, and a few people got breakfast while i was gone. i came
back, they had food, i didn' was sad. so they had bought a
taquito for me, which had ham in it. i hate ham. with the fire of a
thousand suns. and so i didn't eat it. and matt goes, here i'm not
hungry you eat it. so i did and then 5 minutes later he went and got
all this food and told everyone how starving he was. there's other
stuff, the other big one was when we got back and our teacher goes,
okay who's taking amanda home. and this girl goes, i will it's on my
way. and matt says, no i'll do it. and the girls says no really i
will and matt goes no i want to, come on manda. and i was like
ahhhhh!! ok sure :) well that's all for nzow. (drinkin my
Sprzite..inside joke)
So that brings us up to speed. It's February now, and my computer is
definitely NOT getting one of my spiffy Crocodile Hunter valentines.
Computer, I hate you.
Everyone else, hello again. :)
Love manda