blah, blah....and blah...
2001-04-27 03:45:14 (UTC)


finally, a diary I can write in and know that mom cant
access to it...thank god. god i feel as if i have so much
to say but dont know where to start...oh man...i do have a
lot to say...
well, most of it is obviously about the one thing that i
think about every other second---jay. *sigh* lol, jk....but
god do i luv him so much. wish i didnt obsess over him this
much....yet i am so happy that i did meet and become
friends with him...i mean, im saying that i wish i didnt
like him so much, but honestly, thats not true...i am so
happy that i met him and fell for him hard. i mean the
happiness i feel when he just smiles @ me...or even if i
just see his back in the hallway...instant smile on my
face!!! wow, i was just considering putting this diary on
public access so everyone can read it....nahh...first, i
dont htink anyone really wants to, and second, id just
rather not...i dont even know if im going to keep writing
often or what...i just think that itd be so sweet if i have
something to read from when i was a teen when im an
adult...i wish i could actually put it one paper (way more
romantic...!) but waayyy to risky...last thing i need right
now is to loose mom's trust agin...oh, and again...
i think i am going to make this public...i want to know
what ppl would think of everything...

g2g...write more l8r...

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