2002-02-11 23:38:35 (UTC)

Well things are going very..

Well things are going very wishy-washy. I just read an
entry from my friend's diary on here and it depressed me.
Yeah the things in it were true, that's the bad part. :( I
don't mean to be whiney I just don't know how to start a
relationship. I wasn't handed a guy like she was. She had a
connection from someone and I don't have a connection with
the guy I like. I just don't know how to get to know him.
I'm shy, it's not like I can just go up to a guy and start
a conversation with him. I'm too pessimistic and I have a
very low self-esteem so it's not like I can help it. I
haven't had a good past, relationship-wise. Her life is
like perfect. Her parents aren't divorced, she has/had a
boyfriend, but she has other guys that like her that she
likes back so it's not like her life is all trumatic. She
doesn't know what it's like to have her parents divorce and
have them talk smack about each other and you have to agree
with them. It's tough and she doesn't understand. She says
no one understands her because of things that have
happened? What could have happened? Sean? I told her to
stay away from him cause he was an asshole but did she
listen? No. I'm in love with him she said. He loves me, she
said. He loves bullshit! So I gave up on asking her for
advice. She doesn't help me. The only person that has
helped me is my friend, Marie. She's been giving me some
good advice. Along with Ben and Raph. Though Raph seems a
bit pessimistic about what has lately happened. I asked
Greg out. He said that he didn't know me that well (I knew
he'd say that!) and that there was some other girl that he
was in a sort of relationship with. Then, very quickly, he
was like "I'm not saying no though!". Very cute :) So, he's
confusing me more!! It's not a straight answer. All guys
don't give straight answers, sheesh! It's not that hard, ya
Well, last Thursday (02/07/02) was the Weezer concert. My
first concert. Man did it rock! Weezer was awesome, Saves
The Day was awesome, and Ozma's Tetris theme had THE BEST
beat, oh my god! I had some sucky box seats so I moved to
this unoccupied section on the right side of the stage. It
was cool. Pat Wilson had stuck his head out from backstage
curtin (there was another curtin in front of it) so the
people that followed us pointed at him and he gave us this:
m/ It was cool! Then, after the concert, I got a hug from
Chris Conley (singer from Saves The Day) who was so sweet
and gave a really good hug! While I was waiting to talk to
Chris, Scott (who had been signing autographs to some
girls) was walking away so I shouted out his name and he
said that he'd be signing out back. Sadly, I never saw
him... :( Oh well. It was cool for the few seconds we
talked heh. I would have rathered talked to Rivers. I know
everyone would have but I think it's cool I talked to
Scott. :)
Ew, it's 6:37pm and I have a DBQ to write for global
tomorrow. So, I must depart. Well, I hope what Chris is
saying is right because if so, I have an in with Greg. :) I
like this guy soooooo much! (have since
September!). ...Bye...