Nya The Rogue

The Journal of Now
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2002-02-11 22:56:40 (UTC)


I did this entry yester day when it froze AGAIN.I didnt
feel like doing it all over so I didnt do it.I'll make it
shorter(if I can), so it doesnt freeze.We went bowling.I
would have done fine if it werent for those ten
zeros*shrug*.Just kidding.I only got nine zeros.Ok, ok,
I'll stop.I DID get a few zeros in the beginning, but did
better towards the end.Hey, I havent played in a while!At
the house we had root bear floats.Mmm-mmm good!And I dont
even like root bear!After that we pigged out on cream soda
and popcorn.We watched Tremmers 3.There are these monster
in it the shoot fire out of their butts, so they were named
assblasters.Whenever I'd say that I'd crack up.Im much more
serious now.See...As-Hahahah!!!!Ok, forget it..We played
Sim:Livin Large.It had alot of extras for Sims.I dont even
wanna decribe one thing I saw*shiver*.

Today...Hmmm...Today....What happened today..Well we had
poetry thing in English..Im doing one of the forest..Ah,
it'll work...right?Grrr!We were suppose to have a puppy
picture by now, but still nothing!Oh, I guuuuuueeess I'll
check the email just one more time.....

Grr!Nothing!Ak!Awhile ago I started a Chrono Cross site.The
opening page came out great!But that was the best
part...Heh heh..I kept forgetting to updat it.In it, I
write the game into a story version.Its kinda boring right
now, since nothing exciting is happening yet.I think I'll
start again since Im really into this game.

I better go before it freezes...Oh no!!!!!!
*freeze*.......*looks about*..Did I fool ya??..*sigh*Didnt
think so...