still single

sick of all the sh*t
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2001-04-27 03:16:15 (UTC)

can't focus!!!

Okay well today I went to lunch with my boss and 3 other
prople from work...we went to Dave and Busters...after
lunch we got the game pass card thing to play the games and
I was off on my own playing a crappy Nascar race when my
boss peeks around to see me...he waited til I was done and
then told me to come play a game with him and I told him I
wanted to do a shooting game so we played a couple, which
wasd sooooo fun and then his cousin showed up so he left
with him to go buy a pair of shoes and he gave me the card
he had with the games on it to use and I stayed about
another 30 minutes with a girl from work , then went back
to work...Anyway he was trying to explain to me about the
rates and fees and how we process the loans, etc, etc and
we were in his office for like 3 hours and I felt so giddy
he even asked me"Why are you so giddy?Why do you look aroun
d and make these facial expressions?Just tell me what
you're thinking!"I told him I couldn't tell him since he
was my boss...Anyway I was totally getting flustered and
could tell he was enjoying it but couldn't help myself...I
wish I didn't have a crush on him. Then we were talking
about our dogs and he is looking for a place with a yard
and a roomate and said to me" We can get like a 2 bedroom
with a yard for our dogs....have you ever had a guy
roommate?"I told him I did, which is true, and he was my
favorite roommate...unfortunately when he got married I had
to move out...I just can't figure him out!!!!!!I want to
focus on being the best at my job and it's so difficult
now...and it's seems that today he's been picking on my
more and it's driving me nuts!It's like he does little
things just to irritate me!ugh!!!Anyway I also wanted to
say that I talked to a really nice guy that IM'ed me online
last night...and I'm so sorry but I forgot your name!!!
Typical me with my mind going a hundred miles an hour...I
would love to meet up sometime and meet you and dog ( = You
seem pretty cool otherwise I NEVER woould have let you read
this pathetic excuse for a diary.Anyway tomorrow is
Denis'(my boss)birthday and the last day for a girl we wokr
with who'se going on maternity leave so we're gonna leave
work early and go have drinks and dinner at "World Famous"
There are wonderful perks at my joband I hope I don't screw
things up!!!Well I'll keep ya'll informed and if ayone
would give me feedback on their opinion about the boss
thing and whether he likesme or whether I should take the
risk please let me know!!!