starry nite

my own world
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2002-02-11 22:29:07 (UTC)


so james lied. travis told me last nite that he really
never gave up pot. he cut down to a couple times a week but
he toldme he had quit. everytime we fought he would bring
up the fact that he had given up so much for me, and this
whole time he was lying!i cant believe travis covered for
him this whole time. i mean im his sister you would think
he would want me to know the truth about something like
that. i feel so stupid. i gave him so many more chances and
kept trying to overlook all the stuff he did tht hurt
me...and for what? for him to have been lying for the past
6 months?i was supposed to go over to his house today but
after i found out about him lying i decided i dont evewr
want to see him again. i truly loved him and wanted to be
with him forever and now just the thought of him makes me
sick to my stomach.i dont deserve this....i refuse to keep
thinking its my fault. its his i need to deal with it and
get over it. no guy is worth all this pain.