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2002-02-11 22:05:09 (UTC)

What have I done?

Being overeager can get you into a bad situation...

Take Michael Jackson and any boy's underwear, for starters.
Nothing good ever came of that, and he has a monkey and his
own merry-go-round.

I went to aerobics as I usually do on Friday mornings and a
transformer blew - so no workout. Since I had the day off,
I figured that I would go back later on in the morning and
then give my weekly weigh in.

I decided that it would be to my advantage to try to "re-
create" the circumstances that I normally put myself
through before weighing in, so I walked a mile and jogged

214!! Down 4 pounds! YES!!

Aaaand... On the way out the door, I came across a pamphlet
for the Cresent City Classic, a 10k (6.2ish mile) run in
New Orleans, LA, on March 30th....

And $22.63 later...

I'm registered.

For a race.

I'm so dead.

Last night I ran SIX miles. Six very boring, but generally
EASY miles. In an hour. A full 59 minutes, 59 second hour.
Now all I have to do is get that time shaved down. And
figure out what I'm going to do that weekend.

You see, I live 3 hours from NOLA, and the race starts at 9
a.m. But they want you there at 8ish.... which means I
would have to leave at 4-4:30 to get there in time. And I
know none of my friends are going to want to ride down
there with me at 4-4:30 in the morning.

Even if I paid their way. With liquor.

On the plus side of things, Amtrak will take my butt down
there, which I've always wanted to do. But the train only
goes down there at a specific time of the day, and then, it
only comes back to Jackson at a specific time of day. SO I
would have to leave for NOLA at 11am Friday, run on
Saturday, and then come back Sunday afternoon - which can
be done, and done well, but I don't know if I want that
kind of hassle -

I'll just have to figure it out in a couple of weeks.

Til then - I've logged 9 miles this week so far, and it's
only Monday. I'm beginning to think that the website
wasn't too far off when they said you could run 25-30 miles
a week.

They just neglected to tell me that you had to wake up at
3:30 in the morning.