Lisa Ann

Ups & Downs
2001-04-27 02:43:43 (UTC)

Look'n good... look'n good...

For all of you who read my previous entry... the job
interview seemed to go very well. I got all polished up in
my nice black pants, green tirtle neck, and black boot high
heels. The boss seemed very delighted, and I have to
admit... I was too. I think I just might recieve the job!
I need one. Seeing as how I am ending my senior year of
high school, my job ends with it(I work at the high
school). Off into the real world I go...
(he,he) that sounded good
As for the beginning of my day it went great! Couldn't
have gone better. However, when I arived at my other job
Kristie drove me absolutly nuts! She's one of the ditzy
girls with blond hair, tips her head at every word spoken
to her (like a dog would do towards a comand), and likes to
repeat the words, "oh my god, Really" a lot. Lets all
stress the word A LOT together. She's the kind of person
who can't really do anything for herself and always asks
for help, but goodness forbid she can do something. She
will rub it in my face like no tomorrow. AAAHHHH!!! Why
do I have to put up with such stupid people! Oh, ya,
that's right... I probably will for the rest of my
life. ******Something to look forward to******
Like every night though, I go home and work out (which
delets much aggresion). I don't know what I would do
without my trusty walkman and tredmill. Let's just say I
wouldn't be myself... I do get to talk to my sweetie
also. My boyfriend Matt always keeps me going. I get a
great amount of topics throughout my day released by
writing here, but talking to him seems to make everything
better. You know how you have that one person in your life
that you know will be there for you forever. Ya, that's
him. If our relationship doesn't last (which I have a
great amount of faith in)we will always remain good
friends. We have confided in each other for so long and
told each other so much, that a part of each other would be
missing if we lost touch for some odd reason. I have no
idea where all that talking came from. I guess that when
you love someone... you find them on your mind 24/7.
Whether it be naughty or not. :O) (he, he)
*******I love you Matt***********