Ode to a psycho!HA!
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2002-02-11 20:51:26 (UTC)

good night

I've been thinking alot. alot, alot. and Have yet to come to
any comclusions exactly what I've been thinking about. Being
a kid comes to mind alot. the summer following graduation
lindsay and I will have been friends for ten years. Ten years
is a very long time to know someone. Even if you aren't best
friends the entire time. And thinking about that makes me
think about Ryan. I don't know why I think about ryan he's
not comming back. and thinking about not seeing ryan again
makes me wonder where RJ is. And GOD I miss rj. Lately I
haven't been able to stop thinking about rj It makes me
wonder if he still goes to sandalwood. or what his phone
number is since he moved, or if he'll call on our birthday..
.......or if Stephen will ever have feelings for me...... or
if he ever did...........and that makes me think about eighth
grade and how at the time it was horrible, but looking back
now It was wonderful. and Mr Rice our science teacher who
died shortly after. And then i think of brian who used to sit
behind me in science. and when I think about brian I thinkn
about the following summer, and then Homecomming, and how I
screwed everything up...........I, I screwed everything up
and then he was gone. and then I think why am I so Stupid!!
why do I have such bad luck?...........and then I think....
.....I think........I think too much

Good night