The Life & Times of Alison
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2002-02-11 20:36:50 (UTC)


Why do people have to be bitter? Heres a little story:

In the spring of 2001 Maureen asks Mimi to live with her. Maureen and Mimi have been best friends for a while. Well
now. Maureen and Mimi get in a small fight and Maureen thinks she dosent want to live with Mimi. So Maureen asks
her friend Joanne, who she lives with in the industrial loft, to live with her. Joanne says sure... and they look at places
to live. Maureen love thie one house, close to everything in the city, but Joanne says its too much money. Maureen
thinks Joanne is nuts, but looks at other places with her. Joanne looks at places in really bad neighborhoods in the
city... and Maureen dosent like them. Maureen has family problems at home, and now dosent have a bedroom at home.
So she realizes if she dosent find a nice place where she will feel at home, she wont be happy. Which means she needs
somewhere nice. So over a break when everyone is home, she goes and asks Mimi to maybe live with her, if Joanne cant
find anywhere soon. When they return to school, Joanne seemed to have stopped looking, and Maureen still had her
heart set on the nice house. Then Maureen hears that Joanne is staying put and living in the Industrial loft next year.
Many people who are living there next year tell her that too. So Maureen gets bitter, and she and Mimi go out looking
for a nice place. They find one kinda far from the city, but its NICE and like a real house! (with the added bonus of a
state trooper next door!) So Mimi and Maureen take the place. Maureen dosent know how to tell Joanne, because
Joanne has been known to go nutso. (she had done it before when Mark and Rodger didnt want to live with her) So one
night Maureen just tells her, and she goes nutso. And now is bitter and wants to talk to Maureen. Mauren is kinda
scared cos a bitter Joanne is not a fun Joanne. What should Maureen do?!

Dont you love my Rent analogies?