Forgotten Misery
2002-02-11 20:24:32 (UTC)

Good point

Ok in english class which is so not even really and english
class we got off topic like always and started talking
about cell phones. My teacher Mrs. Brown brought a really
good point of when u are out with some one and they get on
their phone and how rude that is to u. I mean your on a date
with someone and its like um ok be with me or the phone
really it is kinda rude how people are with phones I know i
am guilty of this stuff and im gonna not do it again cause
I love u guys!

Maggie:: I so have kept all your old e-mail to me in my
file cabinet thing i like gettting daily e-mails from u
they brighten my day even when im sad. I hope we can work
something out cause i have a 3 day weekend to i have monday
off due to pres day is that the day u have off?

Zak/Adrain:: military ball guys is not far away and u get to
see me dolled up !!

::I will send pics of homecoming and the boo boo on T-Funk
to u peoples some time this week when i can get out cause i
get stuck here studying every night ahhhhhh thats what u get
when u have all A's and one b yeah yeah thats right in 6
classes i have an a and one b the other class period i have is study
hall so theres no grade there. Darn lol!

Geoff:: The apology in the other journal mainly goes out to
u. I just really feel as im losing u as a friend. You
used to be the one that made my bad days go away and now I
feel as if u have become a stranger to me. I feel like u
want me just to go away and never see or talk to u again
throw everything we had and the friendship we had before all away
and that hurts me. so my defense was to just be bitchy to u.
Im sorry but this is how i feel right now and i dont know
where we stand.

To everyone else I love u and keep being the people I know
and never change!