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2002-02-11 19:41:53 (UTC)

home from school and lunch and..

home from school and lunch and shopping.

jennifer and i are supposed to hang out later. and robin
and i are as well. im not sure how that is going to work
out. robin lives pretty far away and i dont want to drive
that far if im not going to be there for awhile. and i dont
want to drive all the way there and then hear from jennifer
and be like peace robin. because thats what happened last
time i saw her, although it wasnt anyones fault. and she
wasnt mad about it. god i cant picture robin getting mad
about anything. shes so great. i told her that and she was
like, yeah. i just am like whatever about everything. that
would be so great. you know. not to give a fuck. but i give
way too many fucks about things sometimes. i just want
everything to be okay but when i put faith or trust or
whatever in something and then it DOESNT come through like
i KNEW it wasnt going to. im even MORE pissed at myself.

im crazy. thats just it.
im filled with too much love i think sometimes.
its confusing.

i need to go do something

jessie and i are supposed to hang out tonight after she
gets off =) thats happy. i miss her so much. 3 weeks. thats
insane man.
shawns calling me when he gets off of work too.
i feel very social today. lately.
i dont like it so much.
its weird how i can be all seeing lots of people and shit
and im not really having the best time that i could be
having because i miss her. but...i guess thats just my
crazy sense of loyality shining through.

school was good. i did good i think.

nap time.