Thoughts to Share
2002-02-11 19:34:25 (UTC)

must study, must not procrastinate, must study, must not procrastinate, etc....

So you get the point. I was quite ill last night. I got
into bed around 12:45-ish...and I was like wow...almost
1:00, I definitely need to fall asleep soon. Yet, at 1:00
I had given up and told my roommate I'd be back later, I
was going downstairs. :-p Ha. So I messed around a little,
even attempted to study spanish in hopes that it would put
me to sleep. However, finally at 2:00 I climbed back into
bed and counted....yes, I counted. This is a day I did not
need to start off being exhausted, but it has turned into
just that.
Brkfst this morning was....interesting...for lack of a
better word. It can never be a good sign when you hear the
cafeteria workers ask each other "Is everybody sober?"
Meredith and I were ecstatic when we got our tests back in
microeconomics. I think that's the only test I've studied
for all semester that paid off. Both of us got As. Nice
to know we still know how to study. Maybe I should be a
business major? ...................nah..........
Getting ready to get an assignment in cell biology. This
should be no fun.
Spanish....wow, yeah...it was ultimate spanish today. The
test was quite depressing. I either knew it, or I had no
clue. There wasn't much in between.
So tomorrow...cell lab test and practical. I refuse to
refer to it as a quiz b/c I'm much too stressed for a silly
quiz. Wednesday...ultimate organic test. And 6 class
sessions later in organic? That's right...another test
before I can go home for spring break. :-0 This is me
not being happy about that.
This afternoon I have approximately 3 hours before we go to
dinner. That leaves about 30 minutes for procrastination,
doing something other than working. Therefore, I will...I
WILL not procrastinate, or take a nap....I WILL STUDY. Whew
ok....done convincing myself. :-p