A nun and monkey walk into a bar...
2002-02-11 19:08:50 (UTC)

Long time no update....

Well, a lot has been going on. Right now Im in the midst of
midterms. YAY. The most frustrating thing about that is
that I saw someone cheating today. Part of me says she's
just cheating herself. The other part of me says that she's
cheating everyone else as well. I feel this way for many
reasons. 1) There are some of us who were up pretty late
studying who arent going to do as well because we were
honest. 2) It may throw off a bell curve- should the
professor decide to go that route. I dont pay 14,000
dollars a year to have someone else mess up my grades!! Its
freakin bullshit! I put off studying for a much harder test
to study for this one!! Ill be up a good chunk of the
night. Hell, if I would have known that notes and such were
okay, I wouldnt be in this pissy predicament now, would
I?!?! I will be dropping a note to the professor to have
him at least talk to me. He wont be back until Wednesday.
Erika overdosed on her medication on Thursday and is in the
hospital. She is a student who lives here on campus. SHe
will not be allowed to return due to the fact that she
broke more than one contract she had with the school. SHe
has signed something last year saying that if she felt
suicidal again, there were steps she would follow, which
she didnt. Most of the students here are pissed at the
school because they think that the school is turining their
back on her. I can see it from both sides. I see it as a
natural consequence of breaking a contract. Similar to
telling a child "if you dont pick up your toys, you dont
watch tv." If the school doesnt stand their ground then
that would open the door for all sorts of crap. But at the
same time she is my friend. I keep her in my prayers
This weekend was good. On Saturday I slept in and then
Michael and I went to see "The SHipping News." It was a
pretty good movie. Note to self: Never go to
Newfoundland!!!!. Then later that night we went to the
Garage with Rick, Chad, Don, Kim, and Kayo ( I have no clue
how to spell that). Sunday, I woke up and went to church.
It was a new church for me. Its called Gift of Grace
Lutheran, out in the U-district/Wallingford area. Then
Michael and I went to Bellingham only we didnt make it to
Bellingham we made it to the outlets in Burlington and I
ended up getting a bag (one of those sling types). I want
to go to Bellingham again when its a bit nicer out. Today
would be the perfect day, I think, but i have to work.
Umm, lessee, a couple of weeks ago I went out with my
friend Mike, while he was delivering sandwhiches to
homeless people. It was the first time we had actually met
face to face. We had talked on the phone a lot and such so
it was pretty cool to actually meet.
Next week, I start my bible study again with the Inn core
group thingy. I was supposed to go last week but the thing
with Erika happened and this week is Valentines day so
they're not meeting. Michael and I are supposed to do
something this week though I have no idea Im
not used to this whole Valentines day thing. Most of the
past ones had consised of my ex buying flowers in front of
me and then giving them to me... lol. Ah well. IM sure ill
figure out this whole valentinesish day thing. Well, thats
enougg for me now.

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