Fishnet Goddess

Rainbows, Ice-a-ma-cream, and Lemonade
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2002-02-11 18:45:09 (UTC)

Longest Sunday of my Life

Yesterday seemed to go on forever. I slept in very
late, until about 1:00, and it still seemed to last
forever. Ryan had to go work on Tim's computer, and that
ended up lasteing six hours. I was all alone crying at home
because I had a splitting headache and I was hungry and
alone and I had no money or transportation to go get food.
We had absolutely no food or drinks in the house because we
had to throw everything out due to the fumigation. I ahd
just gotten off the phone with Ryan, who had been gone five
hours already, and was telling me he didn't know when he'd
be done. I just broke down and cried because I was so
frustrated, and probably also because I hadn't eaten in a
day. Luckily, Daniel showed up and offered to go buy me
food and keep me company.
Although I was wearing next to nothing and had on no
makeup, I was really very happy to see him. We watched Look
Who's Talking Too together. I really don't have any other
friends that would sit with me when I'm at my worst, half
naked, depressed, and makeup free, and watch Look Who's
Talking Too. Especially a guy. Daniel's an awesome friend.
He'd actually just had a little spat with Laura and she
left with the car, so he came over to our house.
Ryan got home before Daniel had a chance to go get me
food, and he came bearing subway and belated wedding
presents from Tim. Tim's a millionaire, and so instead of a
set of silverware or a tablecloth, he gave Ryan $100, 2 $50
gift certificates for Outback Steakhouse, another $60
for "helping with the computer", and he even paid to have
Ryan's car fixed. I couldn't possibly be mad at Ryan
anymore after he came home with food, money, gifts, and
lots of kisses and apologies. Daniel and Ry left after I'd
gotten some food in me to get some groceries, while I put
on some makeup and went on the computer.
Laura ended up coming over after they had gotten back,
and her and Daniel made up, and worked on her homework
together. I'm glad they're not mad at each other, I hate to
see people fight. Laura and I made a date to go see Kissing
Jessica Stein as soon as it opens in March. It's a movie
about a girl in NY with a shitty dating life who finds the
perfect singles ad in the paper, except that it belongs to
a female. She answers the ad anyway, and the two women
slowly build up a friendship as well as a courtship. The
movie focuses on the special kinship women feel with each
other, especially as close friends, and how the line
between friendship and something more is often blurred. I
read a great article on it in Elle, and I'm really excited
about seeing it. It's an independent film, of course, so
I'll have to scout out a theater, but I'm sure I'll find
one. I live in Orange County for christsake, it shouldn't
be a problem.
Tonight Daniel and Ry and I might drive up to Yucaipa
while Laura's in class and pick up and ounce of ice-a-ma-
cream. Mmmmmm, I can't wait. Hopefully Daniel will get
ahold of Nathan to hook us up. Daniel and I took the last
of the resin hits yesterday, and I really need to have weed
for Gini's birthday celebration on Friday, unless Coby can
get a shitload of alcohol. I need a lot to get drunk. I
definitely prefer weed over alcohol. Cross your fingers :)