Queen Bee

2002-02-11 18:38:22 (UTC)

guys suck!!

Guys can really piss me off sometimes. I got back together
with an old boyfriend over the weekend and i am so happy
but im waiting for donny to start his bitching because i
turned his ass down. this mother fucker had the NERVE to
ask me back out while i was still in the hospital. he is so
dumb. and of course i said no because partly he treated me
like crap and partly because i didnt want a boyfreind at
the time but i realized i didnt not want a b/f i just didnt
want him. and then when i said no, he started bitching
about him losing his legs which is completely bullshit. All
i really wnat is for me to be happy and not hurt anyone
elses feelings but i cant cuz i know of at least 3 other
guys who like me and i decided to be with the one who makes
me the happiest but i know those other people are prolly
not to happy about it and i dont know. now i fianlly knwo
what melissa has to go thru. this has happened to me
before, and i really dont like it. Im really sick and tired
of people thinking they know whats best for me. they dont,
i do. and i choose seth and i dont care if other people
dont like that. well of course i do but still i really dont
want it to affect my freindshops witha anyone. I want me
and donny to be friends and for him to not get all pissy
when i tell him to get out of my business when hes always
up in it. and then he thibks i dont like him. i either have
to tell him, no b/f, no g/f, no friendship anything or jsut
freinds. but i really dont knbwo what to do, to try to fix
the friendship with donny or just say screw it and him? do
any of you guys have any suggetions cuz im about ready to
freakin crack. why you throw me a freakin bone here scott?!
your the diet coke of evil, just one calorie, not evil
enough!! the power of christ compells you!! i love austim
powers!! oh good lord. lets get physical, oh wow , well
gotta go cuz i have to go to school in a litle bit. if
anyone has any questions or anything, email me at
[email protected] or [email protected].


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