a watercolour stain
2002-02-11 17:55:31 (UTC)

hum de dum.....monday

lotsa stuff going on. isaac had his 2nd interview on
friday. he thinks he got it, they're supposed to call
him. but he also thinks they're going to offer him less
money, in which case, he isn't going to take it. the day
before his interview, i had my mom look in the newspaper,
and i found the perfect house. it was huge, had a big
yard, and was cheap. i called about it 2 days later and it
was already sold. davey was in the hospital. first
brownsville and then children's. (he went in the
helicopter) he's home now and doing better. isaac was
supposed to have a doctor appointment this wednesday, but
they rescheduled it. so we're going home for 2 days. i
can't wait. i know i'm not going to want to come back
here. isaac's working in pittsburgh today. that really
stinks. also, my period is 2 days late. i suppose that
it's not a really big deal, but still, you know. i told
ron that we're gonna move back home and that kimmie was
going to live with us. he said nooo you have to stay
here. this is your *home* now. i was like nooo it isn't.
no way. i wonder...if we *do* move, will he ever come to
visit us? and if kimmie *does* live with us, that would be
soo awesome! ok, it's almost time for soaps, and i have to
clean the litterbox....

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