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2002-02-11 17:47:16 (UTC)

My Life Is Changing

Well since I last made a log in my diary ALOT has
happened.. My husband left and I was devestated, but I have
come to find it was the best thing that could have
happened.. Things are alot less stressful around here and
the kids seem to be doing ok, even though they ask to talk
to him from time to time, but that will eventually cease. I
have decided to enroll back into school and get my degree,
I am feeling positive about life, and myself at this
point.. Something I haven't felt in a long time.. I still
want him to come home, deep inside but I will survive and
be OK without him. It's time for me to grow up and think
about myselgf and the kids for a change, I'm not getting
any younger and I have to realize I don't need a man to
make me a whole person, I can do it alone.. And plan to...

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